Aerial Training

John has been studying and practicing the low-flying trapeze since 2003.  He began his trapeze training during his time at the National Theater Conservatory in Denver, CO.  There he studied single-point trapeze and Skinner releasing technique under the pioneering aerialist and master teacher Robert Davidson.

Fight or Flight Theater Company

After leaving Denver, John co-founded Fight or Flight Theater Company in 2008, a New York City-based aerial theater company for whom he is still an Artistic Director.

John and Fight or Flight have been doing plays in the trapeze ever since:  from their popular 10-minute trapeze re-tellings of famous films; to their acclaimed productions of Shakespeare's Richard II and Henry V (on Trapeze); to their sold-out sensation Trapeze Hero! and their upcoming production of Moby-Dick.

In addition to creating and performing, John continues to run Ensembull$h!t, FoF's weekly company training session; leads workshops, and teaches trapeze for actors and performers.  

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