Absurd as it may seem, I'm also an occasional rapper.  What started out as a ridiculous hobby has turned into an increasingly involved pursuit.  I began writing and creating simple rap videos as a clever way to invite people to my birthday party.  As the rhymes and videos grew in their intricacy each year, people outside my circle of friends took notice.  I've since been commissioned to write and perform raps for different events and become a freelance mercenary rapper of sorts.  I've had the great pleasure of performing for artists like Jack O'Brien, Judith Light, and Julie Taymor; and at great NYC venues like Ars Nova, 92Y Tribeca, the Hammerstein Ballroom, and Joe's Pub.  

I do not purport to be the next great hip hop star.  But as an admirer of language, poetry, and wit; I strive for "literate rap" that is smart, unexpected, and funny.  

photo by Robert Libetti

photo by Robert Libetti

Audio Recordings

These are audio recordings of various raps I've done for different events.  All lyrics are written and performed entirely by me.

Birthday Raps

I had knee surgery in 2008.  With extra time on my hands, I decided I would invite my friends to my birthday party by creating a rap music video.  It was a hit and for many years, the tradition continued.  These are those videos.  Each was written, recorded, shot, and edited exclusively by me over the course of a few days in January.