John has joined the cast of The Civilian's new Off-Broadway musical Pretty Filthy, about the adult entertainment industry.

photo by Gregory Costanzo

January 31 - March 1
at the Abrons Arts Center in New York, NY

Music and Lyrics by Michael Friedman 
Book by Bess Wohl 
Directed by Steve Cosson

Cast: John Behlmann, Lulu Fall, Alyse Alan Louis,  Luba MasonMaria-Christina Oliveras, Steve Rosen, Marrick Smith, Jared Zirilli


About the Show:

Armed with their notepads and recorders, The Civilians crossed the mountain range that divides Hollywood from the “other Hollywood” – the San Fernando Valley, world capital of porn.  The artists conducted interviews and visited sets to get an insider’s glimpse into a world that is far more than the sum of its (very) visible parts. The Civilians’ time in the Valley captured a singular time in our culture; this digital era that’s radically transformed the business of sex. Pretty Filthy is ultimately a story about trying to make a life and a living in an ever-changing world—a task that’s all the more complicated when your work is so intimately tied to customer “satisfaction.”

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